Dual Language Immersion

" A different language is a different version of life." - Federico Fellini

Why join the Dual Language Immersion Program? 

Your student will be immersed in a second language for half of the day. This language will be Spanish. Students come from all over the Wasatch to learn Spanish. Some come to enrich their Spanish knowledge and others come to be the first in their family to speak two languages. Our program has be developing for the past 10 years, brought over to better serve our students. The program finishes in high school involving trips to Spanish speaking countries and the ability to read and write in Spanish. 

Highly qualified teachers come from all over the world to teach our students, implementing different teaching styles and bringing with them knowledge of different cultures. Teachers have flown in from different regions of Spain, Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico, each with a rich background to enrich our students lives. 


Dual Language Immersion Video

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