Community Council

Parent involvement is very important to student academic achievement. By serving on the school council, parents have the opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the principal to set and achieve school goals. Parents are rewarded with a better understanding of the educational process and have the opportunity to develop relationships with school leadership. A parent always serves as chair of the council. Parents make up the majority of the council and are often the driving force in how School LAND Trust funds are spent.

La participación de los padres es muy importante para el logro académico del estudiante. Al servir en el consejo de la escuela, los padres tienen la oportunidad de colaborar con otros padres, maestros y el director para establecer y alcanzar las metas de la escuela. Los padres son recompensados con una mejor comprensión del proceso educativo y tienen la oportunidad de desarrollar relaciones con el liderazgo escolar. Un padre siempre sirve como presidente del consejo. Los padres constituyen la mayoría del consejo y son a menudo la fuerza impulsora en cómo se gastan los fondos fiduciarios de la escuela LAND.



Name Email Phone Position
Amy Church 801-317-7268 Chair (Parent)

Angie Barley 385-298-7788 Vice Chair (Parent)
Shauntelle Cota 801-737-8902 Principal/Director
Wendi Malan   School Employee
Lark Gorostieta   Parent 
Sarah Lazane   Parent


Rules of Order and Procedure
Parent Involvement
Funding Allocation


School Land Trust Annual Summary

Summary 2018-2019 Plan

The school plan focuses on decreasing the learning gap between ELL students and All Learners. Currently the EL students at Bonneville Elementary School are passing Sage in LA at 15.7% and ALL students are passing at 41.9%. In Math the EL students are passing at 22.9% and ALL students are passing at 36.9% The target is to decrease that gap by 5% or more in each area. We plan to do this with the following goals:

(Goal 1-Attendance) The school will hire 1 full time AmeriCorps Personnel to support attendance efforts under the graduation goal.

(Goal 2-Academic Achievement ) The school will hire staff assistants for academic interventions to support the gap between ELL and ALL student populations. (each assistant 4.6 hours per day for 23 hours per week). Materials and supplies will be provided for the academic interventionist to support student learning.




Land Trust Expenditures 2018-2019

Land Trust Expenditures 2018-2019. All parents are invited to participate in Community Council (see calendared meetings) and have a direct impact on how our Land Trust monies are spent.

This year the school plan focuses on decreasing the learning gap between the ELL population and ALL Learners.


1 fte-Americorps Personnel to support attendance efforts under graduation Goal

$ 9,187.00


3 staff Assistants for academic interventions to support the gap between ELL And ALL Student populations(.each assistant 4.6 hours per day for 23 hours per week     

$ 34,998.00


LAND Trust Goal                    

Increased Distribution Materials for the academic Interventionists to support Interventions         



Budget Total $ 54,823.00



2017-2018 Final Plan Review

Please read the  Final Plan Review for more information. 

Principal's Assurance Report

Date Time Agenda
11/1 3:15 School Improvement Plan goals
12/6 3:15 Graduation Efforts
1/10 3:15 Attendance Efforts
2/7 3:15 School Progress
3/7 3:15 Plan for 2019/2020
4/11 3:15 Recruiting Parent Volunteers, Election

Community Council Agenda/Minutes