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Jaciel Albarran

Bonneville has been working with our students to recognize the difference between a conflict and bullying situation. Read more.

Bonneville has been working with our students to recognize the difference between

a conflict and bullying situation. We want to make our school a safe zone by

positively resolving conflicts with peers.

What you can do at home:

1. Go over the differences using the poster below.

2. If bullying is happening, remind student to use the three steps of Stop-Walk-Talk.

3. Come up with a list to resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

4. Talk about how this applies to their future and how these skills will help now and later in life.


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Jaciel Albarran

Read an important school administration update. 

Hello Bonneville Elementary School Families,


We have an important school administration update to share. School Principal Shauntelle Cota, who has been our leader since the 2018-2019 school year, has chosen to pursue a new career opportunity. She wishes to express her appreciation and gratitude to our students, parents, teacher and school staff for her wonderful experiences at Bonneville Elementary School.


We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Nicole Lovell will take on the position of school principal beginning Monday, November 22. Mrs. Lovell has previous school administration experience in Ogden School District at Lincoln Elementary School and New Bridge Elementary School.


Upon accepting the position as Bonneville Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Lovell said, “I am excited for the opportunity to join the Bonneville team. I look forward to working together with families, the community, and staff to support the students at Bonneville learn and grow.”


Ogden School District Superintendent Rasmussen has expressed confidence in Mrs. Lovell’s ability to lead our school, saying, “Mrs. Lovell has been with Ogden School District since 2009. She has held multiple leadership positions and her experience and expertise will be a great asset to the Bonneville Elementary School community.”


We thank Principal Cota for her work to lead our school community through the changes that occurred with the COVID-19 pandemic and we wish her success in her new opportunities. We also look forward to Principal Lovell coming to Bonneville Elementary School and guiding our Bobcats to success.




Hola familias de la escuela Bonneville Elementary:


Tenemos una actualización importante que queremos compartir con ustedes sobre la administración escolar. La directora de la escuela, Shauntelle Cota, quien ha sido nuestra líder desde el 2018-2019 año escolar, ha optado por una nueva oportunidad profesional. Ella desea expresar su aprecio y gratitud a nuestros estudiantes, padres, maestros y personal escolar por sus maravillosas experiencias en la escuela Bonneville Elementary.


Nos complace anunciar que Mrs. Nicole Lovell será la nueva directora de la escuela a partir del lunes 22 de noviembre. Mrs. Lovell tiene experiencia previa en administración escolar en Lincoln Elementary y New Bridge Elementary del Distrito Escolar de Ogden.


Al aceptar el puesto como directora de Bonneville Elementary, Mrs. Lovell dijo: “Estoy emocionada por la oportunidad de unirme al equipo de Bonneville. Espero trabajar junto con las familias, la comunidad y el personal para ayudar a los estudiantes de Bonneville a aprender y crecer”.


El superintendente Rasmussen del distrito escolar de Ogden, ha expresado su confianza en la capacidad de Mrs. Lovell para dirigir nuestra escuela, diciendo: “Mrs. Lovell ha estado en el Distrito Escolar de Ogden desde el 2009. Ha ocupado múltiples posiciones de liderazgo y con su experiencia y sus habilidades serán una gran ventaja para la comunidad de la escuela Bonneville Elementary”.


Agradecemos a la directora Mrs. Cota por su trabajo en guiar a nuestra comunidad escolar a través de los cambios que ocurrieron durante la pandemia de COVID-19 y le deseamos éxito en sus nuevas oportunidades. También esperamos que la directora Mrs.Lovell venga a la escuela Bonneville Elementary y guíe a nuestros Bobcats hacia el éxito.

Ronald Fisher

Kindergarten Roundup Information

Kindergarten Online Registration opens on March 31st 


Kindergarten Roundup at Bonneville will be April 21st. 

This is for parents only.

Please bring the students Birth Certificate, Immunization Record and proof of address (utility bill or lease agreement). 

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Ronald Fisher

Community Council Notes 3/3/21

Notice of Meeting

Community Council 


Bonneville Elementary Virtual Meeting 4:00 pm

  1. Welcome 

  2. Introductions

  3. Mid-Year Literacy Data Review

Review of SSL Data -This will be continued at the next community council meeting.  

  1. Open Discussion

Parent requests to look at more ways to build community even with COVID restrictions. 


In attendance:

Wendi Malan

Shauntelle Cota

AnaRosa Saldivar

Star Beltran 


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