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Hello Bonneville Students and Families!

  I am excited to welcome our Bonneville Bobcat students back to another year of learning. This year, we are focused on providing instruction and ongoing support, incorporating supplemental instruction, and providing positive reinforcement and celebrations. One of our school goals is focused on reading which includes setting individual targets for each student. Students will work with teachers to set SMART goals and share their targets with families. At school and at home, students will review their progress and celebrate success along the way. 

  As a school, we are implementing a Student of the Month program to celebrate students' success. At Bonneville, we focus on the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and moral excellence. We will have a monthly focus on these qualities and will celebrate a student who exemplifies these qualities from each classroom. Our instruction will support students in understanding the traits. Teachers and staff will encourage students and share progress with families. It is our mission to develop community leaders dedicated to achieving academic and moral excellence. Our Student of the Month program will help us reach this vision, and we encourage families to ask students about the skills they are learning and how they can be used at home.

  We look forward to working with our students and families throughout the year and are excited to welcome our entire Bonneville Bobcat community back to school.

Welcome back!

Principal Lovell

Campus & Location

Bonneville Elementary is located at the top of 5th street on Gramercy Avenue. The school has been a fixture of the community for over 50 years. 

Bonneville History

Bonneville Elementary exterior.







Bonneville Elementary, built in 1964, has been an important fixture at the center of our community for many years. We strive to provide the best possible educational experience for our students and families. 

Our regular education program is rich with high quality curriculum and specially designed learning experiences for all of our scholars. Teachers and staff stay “student focused” as they plan, make decisions, and interact with one another and our students.

We invite you to partner with us as we make 2022-2023 the best year ever!

Bonneville Mission

Bonneville Bobcats are community leaders dedicated to achieving academic and moral excellence.

Bonneville Vision

Bonneville Elementary encourages and assists students, parents, community members, and school/district staff to work together as a team to ensure all students achieve success in all areas of their education including academics and social-emotional learning. We strive to support students to gain skills and characteristics related to scholarship, leadership, and moral excellence. 

Bonneville Bobcat Rules

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Bonneville's Goals

At Bonneville Elementary, each staff member is dedicated to achieving our school's mission for each student. Our school plans and related programs set goals and targets in language arts, math, and social-emotional learning. We set goals with our students' needs and skills in mind. Our goal is to support students, parents, and families in engaging in effective learning opportunities for students. At school, we provide instruction and ongoing support that is individualized to the needs of our Bobcat students while also ensuring a safe and positive learning environment focused on lifelong social skill development.